Our company specializes in providing door-to-door solutions.

The pricing of our services depends on a variety of factors, so it is always preferable to price our services according to the details of each shipment. The prices depend, among other things, on the shipment volume, weight, item dimensions, pickup and delivery addresses, access characteristics, shipping method (by sea or air), and sometimes the value of the shipment.

On the other hand, there are services that are fixed, and therefore the service cost is constant as detailed below.

It is important to note that the prices published here are for information purposes only and may change without prior notice. The prices do not include personalized services and, of course, do not include the ancillary expenses imposed by many third-party factors such as customs duties, levies and fees, port charges, and taxes, etc.

Below is a link to a number of relevant institutions regarding import/export to Israel:

Israel Tax Authority

Table of concentrated import taxes

Ashdod Port Tariff

Haifa Port Tariff

Maman Airport terminal Tariff

SwissPort Airport Terminal Tariff

Our company will be happy to offer a customized price for each shipment and customer. To receive a price quote, contact by email: sales@univers-transit.co.il

Services price list

Customs clearance – sea cargo750.00 ₪
Air cargo customs clearance850.00 ₪
Customs clearance for vehicles1500.00 ₪
Application to the Standards Institute/Government Ministry750.00-1500.00 ₪
Worldwide gate levy55.00 ₪
Delivery order fees for Prepaid shipments1200.00 ₪
Accompanying a customs inspection at a seaport1200.00 ₪
Escorting customs inspection at an air port1200.00 ₪
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