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To company a. Universe Transit Ltd. has over twenty years of experience in the field and thanks to a skilled, professional and quality staff that provides services at the highest level.


A. Universe Transit Ltd. provides a wide range of solutions, comprehensive and reliable in the field of international transportation, forwarding and storage. The company considers itself responsible for the full and close care of its customers at every stage of the process.


The value of professionalism in our company will be reflected in a commitment to act with high skill and according to predefined criteria, which include intelligent and meticulous planning, careful and accurate execution and lessons learned.


Our company focuses on providing quality and efficient service while maintaining a fair price.

A price that reflects the professionalism and service without worries so that the value obtained is higher than the price the customer pays

The cost of fair service to both parties

A. Universe Transit Ltd Is a member of international organizations

A. Universe Transit Ltd
Is a member of international organizations

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Dabastani - Cisco

I would like to thank you all for the excellent and professional support I got from you so far. The entire team was very supportive and cooperative; the service provided was done in timely manner with good attitude and supportive spirit.

Gadi Royz

Gadi Royz - Google

i would like to take this opportunity in order to thank you and your esteemed team from "A Univers Transit" for the superb service I received while relocating with my family from Israel to the US...

Alon Altman

Alon Altman - teva

I would like to thank you and everyone who was involved in this process for the services provided...

- Orbia Ventures

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